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ISR Civilian of the Year, Narciso “Chicho” Salinas Jr., inspects completed duct work while Robert Payne, project manager looks on.

ISR Civilian of the Year, Narciso “Chicho” Salinas Jr., inspects completed duct work while Robert Payne, project manager looks on. Photo by Steven Galvan

Salinas Named ISR Civilian of the Year<

By Steven Galvan, Public Affairs Officer
U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research
02 FEB 2013

Keeping a facility like the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (ISR) operational is not an easy task, but that’s exactly what Facility Manager, Narciso “Chicho” Salinas Jr., from Logistics Division does every day. His dedication to the ISR mission and enthusiasm to accomplish and go beyond command expectations were recognized January 24 when he was named the Civilian of the Year during a Soldier/Civilian awards.

For his stellar performance and commitment to the ISR mission, Salinas was presented with a Civilian of the Year certificate by the ISR Commander, Col. (Dr.) Michael A. Weber.

“I am extremely honored for being selected as the ISR civilian of the year,” Salinas said. “I work with so many great people who are professional and are also worthy of this award.”

Salinas has been working at the ISR since 2009 and said he believes he was selected for this honor because he always goes the extra mile on everything he does. “Not only by completing all of my projects on time, but also by maintaining a good working relationship with my colleagues and maximizing all organization mission requirements.”

Chief of Logistics Division, Leila Rathburn said that she’s extremely proud that Salinas was selected for this award. “As facilities manager, Salinas manages multiple projects and work orders on a daily basis,” she said. “He continually ensures that the customers’ requirements are taken care of in an efficient manner without impeding the mission. His commitment and exemplary performance have greatly enhanced the functionality of our facility.”

Rathburn went on to say that Salinas manages facility projects and work orders for more than 250,000 square feet of laboratory, administrative, warehouse and vivarium space. “He also works closely with our headquarters and local Army and Air Force Corps of Engineers to ensure all projects are coordinated accordingly and in compliance with current regulations.”

One of the best things that Salinas likes about his job is being able to work independently and the people around him. “It’s great to work with people who care about doing a good job.”

Salinas also said that the only challenge he faces at the ISR is not having served in the military. “There is a lot to know when working with military staff, civilians and contractors, to include cultural diversity.” But that won’t stop him from going above and beyond what is expected of him and offers this advice to anyone who would like to be the next Civilian of the Year at the ISR. “Be highly committed to the mission and strongly motivated to achieve and exceed expectations.”