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The Institute of Surgical Research will be hosting our 4th year of Gains in the Education of Mathematics and Science (GEMS): Science Camp for Middle and High School this summer. Yes High School we will be hosting our first GEMII (Advanced Course). The program is laboratory-based and provides every student with an opportunity to participate in scientific experiments. The GEMS program exposes student interns to classic experiments and trains them in basic laboratory skills. It is a four day camp with three sessions to choose from.

Students that will be entering the GEMS I(Initial) 6-8th grades are welcome to apply for this GEMS program. This program offers students the opportunity to explore new pursuits in the life sciences and expand upon their current interests with unique hands-on experiences.


GEMS I - Initial Course (Middle School)

  1. GEMS-Session 1: 15 to 18 June
  2. GEMS-Session 2: 22 to 25 June
  3. GEMS-Session 3: 06 to 09 July

GEMS II - Advanced Course (High School)

  1. GEMS-Session 1: 15 to 18 June
  2. GEMS-Session 2: 22 to 25 June
  3. GEMS-Session 3: 06 to 09 July

  1. Application available: NOW
  2. Deadline: May 1, 2015
  3. Essay requirement: Applicants will also need to prepare short essays on topics listed below. It is advisable to have written these essays into a word processing program so that you can cut and paste into the GEMS application.
    1. Please list the science activities in which you have participated; provide additional details on those you particularly enjoyed (no more than 3000 characters):
    2. Please describe your major academic, career and research areas of interests (no more than 2000 characters):
    3. The question on ‘List of Advanced Placement or College courses and scores/grades received’ is optional
  4. Application link: The San Antonio GEMS application is now live on the AEOP website. The link to the application is: http://www.cvent.com/d/5rqnf7
    • After you review the page and have your essays ready to copy and paste click on the "Apply Now" link on the left.
  5. Unfortunately, students who participated in three previous ISR GEMS programs will not be considered for this summer's programs.

    Selected applicants will be notified by 15 May through email. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ms Stephanie Truss and/or Dr. Kathy Ryan via usarmy.jbsa.medcom-aisr.list.gems-program@mail.mil